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tv   Today  NBC  February 13, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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athe got me to do th tim >> nt xtra." ouer: frombcew th is "today" with khie e giffd anda kot live fr studioin rocer plaza. you m >>ou made it! >> it is tryay friday, february 12th. meredith vieiras her for kathie lee. >> tha you! >>lo! >> it'always a pasure. >> i like that we went casual today. >> you told me to go casual. they told me you wanted to go al. you called me up seral tim, you were slurring your words. you said "go cua go casual." you neremember. >> w have a big show. okay, fit of all, it's g,
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>> why? >> becauseeave ben stier here. >> ti agreed to do it. th i fou -- >> have you seen "olander 2"? >> no. but pele havseen it. >> he's so funny. people h people have seen it and ty liit. he said the first movie didn't even do we. >> are youserious? it's one of those weird os that becomesike a cult thing. >> it's so funny. yeah, th was good one. do you knothat jenna bush's mother -- >> went ouwith me? >> it was one heravorite movi. d theysked her to ben oolander 2." >> was she in it? >> no, because it s li an orgy thing and s didn't do it. okay, wee gng to jump into e hot tub with our forite winos. winos. we're going talkbout a romant weekend.
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>>s everything good? >> oh, everything's peachy you really have bring tha up? no, i'm ne. everything is reallyreally okay. >> s like flat line. >> no, everything's good. my husba's birthday is sunday. valentine's day? >> he's a valentinbaby. >> what do you door him? >> it's the wrdes thin beuse iould love to celebr he doesn'like birtays and he thinks valentine's day is a arip-off. restaurants aro expense, they jack up the pricesf flowers and -- basicly nothing. >> that's it? this is it. it the cheapine -- >> y're t inki becaus-- >> because i ge it up for lent. and then you aed monhe show. >> i know, of all ththgs to give up. have yoev given up wine fole?
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actuly not huge wine drinker. i drink ne on e ow >> you always ha t sllf hol so whaaryo drinking? no, seriously. i like tequila. yoknow because i like to gether i don't li tspend time. >> don't want toe in t rine oe highy, you want tbe in thft. >> dve st. we'v all arrid, tt' wha i like. >> c i just say something? >> yes. >> i pked up mywalltree urnal" toy. ea religiou >> youdo >> no. n i tell you whais on -- >> page 87. >> hoda.a whole ticle on hoda "a t hosteflects on fdi herwn way."i knououn'brit up.'saufut's about h ur parents came here. >>y m and dad.
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i jus le that one sh. don't worry about any these otheones.>>eoe who aped youha de you -- all kiing id e great arti. >> letlaa rontic fil game what youfavoriteomantic movie? oh, b, oh, yeah. i ke "lo actually." >> that's minetoo! and i love "sweet he alabama. >> iever saw tt on is this great? >> it's reese witherspoo-- it's so orle. it's one of favorites. do you like "the incrib journey" with e three anims and they get lost and come back it's a love story. and the family misses th. it's deep. youust snd the time. ay aention. >> we're goi to look at e shotrom a romantic filmnd we're going to see if an guess what the fm is.
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oh, "moon struck d yojust curse? >> no. let'seep track much how many tim medit cues. okay, next. >> sleepless i seattle. >> we saihat together. >>ll right, we kneth o >> give me a chae. >> oh, "roman holida">> ieever seen th. we're tied. [ uger >> she got it right. >> don't say it right away. e actuly." >> yes! u just stole "lo actlly" from m nobody stes "love actually" from me. what was atas your favote part, do yoremember? >> i love the scene where sh esut in the hallwa >> yeah, that was te. i lihene wwhat h
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he saysnenglisy favore part of the day is right her wi you, she says in portuguese, which is your nativ language. >> it's not my native language. i was born in this cotr grandparents were bn there, but it's not my nativ language. i can't speak -- ian't even pronounc my last name. >> how do you prounce it >> i say vieira. atas what was it? >> my favite part of the day -- >> is when yourive me home? that's gat. i'm getting tey. >> l's talk about love songs. >> my vote, gss it's my lime rite. it's by van mois. and it's cled "someoneike u." >> that's in "ve aually," n't ?
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gladhere are people her t lp us. someonexalyike you >> and thiishen colin and her come togethe i'tt? >>no ts is from -- >> oh, it's from "bridget jones. >>he comn deminar is con. >>here's something abo him. >>eally? >> aot of women wld f th. whdo you -- in't pic a troll und a brie. he's aery sexy man. he is sexy. ok, wait want t hear it. what's you forite loveong? >>ine is going to seem weird when richard and i g mri, we dn't have aot o money, so we had a boom box and w me a cassette tape a the pnter
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whh is why i lovth scene om "lo omlove actlly." >> so you d richard were dancintohis on youwedding day? >> he wa dng much but i was. d you picit or did he i did. with we th like pointers ster it w just joyful many. do you ve ature of your and meredith's weddingay? >> it's not rey. >>'ve ly bn married for 30 years ago. it's not is >>hat's not my wed picture. that lksikwe're close the ave er my d, wha is that piure? they had hour i got here at 7:00 m. hourthey knew t w going to hpe >> you seem like a flower child when youere yog. >> i wasery mu hpi n br d you? did u rnt? no, no, n no, no, just ver wore one. w? bau it was th pioof time people dn't wear as i had ahingmy head. itas supposed to be owers
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>> youeehipp. yeah, belotms allhe time. did you smo? >> cars. >> i can pture you - >> that'tuallyot what you meant. now fully tt'sot what yo mean let's go ourop sg from oty. thesare the cuent es th is hotoaph." i le that >> if u' bored, go ggle th -- musicvideo. 's ed eeran thugh the yes, when he's by. and we justav ts part -- u can kpe insid t pock of your ripped j >> >> ha! she knows every word. >> number two, "alof me," john lege.
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ves all o you loour curves and all your edges allour per imperftions >> evedy ud fothei wedding. it got aitplayedut youhink >> now i love it ain. >>o the nuer one song spotifovsong of l time but of there songss is one by jn bieber, e yoself." goo for h. oh , y shod gond loveouelf >> i don tnk that'th tt' love song. hat do you tnk that is? if likehe way you lk
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he id iyou kehe way you look so ch, u goove yose like i'motonna sta here -- >> oh, ihoug i meant sothing enty different. ,da. yo set up thes scenarind thoulay lik the sweet ttle fmour nativ laf yporhatever d i take the fall. it's not going to happenain. it's happed many me all right, tumber one song - >> can i jus sayomethi now you w you make m look ba oh, od jti you' the onehoik it ople jussayinghe meaning. i'm t ying he'not a go singer whwhever. he'sheumber one song. it stump u-- cause u veve heard of- >>t's mber one? >> nber one ll -- not of all -- what is it? ettiusy. >>h, whappen to the numberne song no one ever heard of >> tt's it >> this is t numr onsong
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u knowha mea it cald dot. >>s when thelove themlves >> bryson dill. [ laughter >> i so confused by this. one ng leads tanotr. i n't understa. wh is is sg? thi a game? >>hat s has explicit lyrics, so w c'tlay much -- why did we it? >>e don'kn. ve you ever seenwnerlook like tir d? >>. everdowe'veradks like rhard. ouy. risly. noi meanhanoving wa >> did y pick it becau -- >> no, it just turned ou t loveow wt dog d you thkou l like? >> i don'tkn i'm ed. ere's app thalooks at your face and tells you whatever
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i'm worried, i think mine probably loo like a pug or bulldog. >>h,ou're regal. wh is that? >> an afghan hound. >> that's beautiful. th is so uttractiv and the ots need to be don >> oh, you get tute one! oh, i wanted a cocker spanie >> every day you want a cocker spaniel. evsile d iant cocker anie i don'have a cockespaniel. >>e did thie lee, too. >> s'sute too. shes a st highld white terrier. i thinkhey're kofpot . di'tou fth no,o! >> butou car yourself regally. >> no >> no >> oh,y d. allight put men's fashon t ms st famous male models do in the wod.
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philli'. it h it h been 15 years sin we laslaid e o the greatest super model the world s ever seen. nowric zoolander is back "zooland "zoolander." ishere earlier this ek kathy anered had -- and i had a chance to chat witben to figure out if he still had what it takes. hey, flash me that beautiful look give mehat increble gn >> think ft, magnum. magnum now. >> oh, come ! you go this, but you got to focus. >> oh! >> comon! >> hansell, stop! >> you got this! >> mbee could try a shcloth.
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no! it not working! >> and thas the dramicart. you should see the ced>> it'anntlectual film ot a ofuensorsoety -- >> thaas dn gooing ere. hataseayhrowg atou? >> he was thwingbj. we shothe fm ta and ou wrf proan methe st - but the wen't thatoft. i think thdefinition of soft in - >> misanio >> yeah. b idn'teavear for anytng so it's alfor art. >>t's l fothsakef the movie. >>id you er thinkt uld beuch a ltype vi tha people wlde dng forhe secone t ceout? >> .honest, en their o out,obyen tseit >>ouevernowi tse thgs ts ard go by ani st srted to fe people wldentionlue steel or they wod lk about the
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usually wh aov doe me out, yogo, okaymae will bcu h anov tha doe't wo. >> please, god, anything atll you n row my wa >> b this one, it acally happed. >> w it not my sonho broke thnews? >> i thit t bn. >> ion'tno youemr th but we' goio lk down mory lane aittlbit with y. ba at the nantket lm festiv. >>o u want to unt? ian confirme'riting oolaer 2wee actual tri over the years pogetr and nall w fnd at 'r excited out.pefully we'll b shoot it on, but we'll be wti i th summer. >> i was livinonhetreet. had a bad drug pbl. laht ] >> cody was eited. m,rokeheew >> tt was like what,00
2:26 am
ii fl li ts 05. >> remthhair>>e ota scpt i2005 we didn't do but en wwrote another one 201that wdid . >> ihink he me a bk of rld rd you bak a reco with this, w howany came. love to coun >>att r. iniebe >>atalie males.>> some ofheneu n't pe we thmost f fore. tt's a greatctor. he couldeave he anbecome an actor. >> for . but whenouee t membe of tconicndtryhong up aeing aolutely dilo. >>eah. thatas b tng f us beuse thfit te ou, bo rll knew in e faiowod at wwe dog. thfa tt did wi whfs w i t fst e. i hat bau has wayshinkin ahead. >> he was avisiony. >> ah h had no reason be inhe moe, b he did it. >>en buswas hereshe was
2:27 am
>> it weird. what happed? >> i met h at fool a few ars and sh mentnedhathe was a fan emovi s i rchedut to her, tbe in thcond one. >> toaush? s.>>o he came >>s. >>nd she politecned. y? becausehe smart. laught ] >> thewe wt for lian assae but he coun't get ee >> "ande2" iin theaters stngoday. >> a a since valentine's day i isweekend, we have e wines you mightan to celebrate with. >> ps we have a vale deoor you. we we he you enj it. but first these messages.ages.
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glass gets visibly smudged in a ap. sfx: smudge sounds against glassget nownd say no tospotless clear winx glass. vale valentine's day is going to steamy. need som hel choing wine? we'll have optio for your coz eng. >> 30 seconds to sexy. we're go to show you some fun and flirty outfitsor your valentine's day. hello! we'lhave you out the door in no time.
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, oh, yes. meredithie i here for kath and we are going to samhis . whether youe endi the night hotubh ur lor,e veusthwi f yonde wof r ne exrt "wineoromodod and we magazine. >> i jt wanto int thinou onof us is afrai itotay's gsep of medith somedy, please. i'm beggg yo i cannot help i'm enwed. >> k ware in theot. t apeciin >> there is. yo
2:34 am
can. antou to get your angel t they. get yo dil on. this is the del'coecon d it fm chile, is gh anfruityndt'unr recasohen you t in a hotu-- >>eay? th's gooat fanic. >>ven rean, e xt one th we that wbrout,nfe nkey seroom, strangme, white ia n. ia ca >> ibeme increbly popur.whfos iselling ilikecry. 's it's kooky,utt's n. >> a no glass. no ass ndhe h tub aleclabl it's vy litly fiy,hill it down. it'st ial f sitng in hotst h tub>> i like th! >> pfe hello >> we ne more wine.
2:35 am
ho o let's prenli we' tching a cozmoe. t ishihe notebook? >> iis it's "the notook. i le is we. thisth--h, pcorn? h,opcorn goegrt.thpon's wn below. this isneaky sraz. iit ry cledat? t 's dicious's aribof wine do u pat wi anyth >>opco. itoulde rely goowi ef jky osomethg.>> that's my second choice. i brought a little rt. son case youansome -- >>o, you're mytlta, daing.
2:36 am
>> i'll te the tt, d't woy. >>hiisheeserve. it'snder $ for ts. so it's a ntastilly foablealentine gt. so y can s on e cch -- n't tt delicis? >> tt'ni! >>t's deliou >>t'swt, the pt. >> serb. >>reatgrea now 're g toive yoa ttleiss ofe wi wine fromin. >>f you are going toop the estion - yeiss of win is anto you cae toni he's g some litt tngs haing ngin dowthere. e final thing, if y'reoing popheqution, champagne. >> wa! >> allhtchrs, everybody. >> cheereers. >> don be late for your hot date. how to get out of do in 30 sends onalentine's day
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,,,,,,,, who has the ole night
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>> jene luciani. some looks in 30 seconds or . >> hey,rl! >> greatoou guys. hi sment is n. >> so it0 sed they're down to theiivvies? >> absolutely. erybody i sta in a b shar, lik ually us >> 30econn the pressur >> a lot of men lovethrow on ablse andeans for a al de. i fount thislousom jcpe, super rontic looking. she's ing lip on a pair of slns. she gned therself, real cool concd you can
2:40 am
[ buzzer >> wean to sw her face too. can i just say at is so cu. weust say how ad, you litt o >> s looksnia lking for? >> wl, a lotrvy -- >> wl, let'sethe clo.a lot a lot of cvy woment to accentuahe waistnd she's vertically challengebushe hagreat legs a a greatt line. you'rt going dit! >> don't wry.>> i wto restalock. stop the clock, ea. >>e >> we did practi ts, i t ay because some of them -- okay, wa 30 on the clock
2:41 am
this is important. dot rush. it a minute. okay. >> herwe g over your head. >> over the rl. you it now. >> is l not hain i don't what happ wh this. ear, sheutt on so quickly atuse. heree go. ou got ioney. >>do >> it t tter, re >> forget it, fo i >> we're going to le your thing.>> wba to you. >>o,ut thion. >> and >> and a lot of women like spritz on their f um this is from sce bou trit for $15 a month. k
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>> slip we fnd thir under $50, fishn stockgs and ceta booties.>> she's done this bore. done tre. >> cute. >> the shoes arable. very c >>ll r we don't wantime. >> you got it, girl, withime spare.>> lexi is sing now the pr anoper classic tnch coat, ess for un00. she's are co.undern, a nighty25 from jney. n get fordle lingerie. look at her.>>ou caneel a dress up for y >> and shing for the guys, lentine'day boxers.otsh she looks t, right? hour glass sha. thank you. >> we showed what you yo going to wear. here's when u're going to
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"diogo morgado
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> "diogo >>"diogo morgado," you probly know w m best from miss s his --is perfulerforman in "jesus" andn "son of god." nsent ild over diogo, th dubd him hot jesus all over thenternet and since then he's been tch being bad gu on "csi cyber." >> and now he's in a movie called "love findsou." he's a r he a rch foreman,ho tries to keep the ranch's beaiful owner from selling ke a ok a y lost? >> what? >> mn road's back that way. >> oh, no, i was just adming the house. >>o you fired you'd drive on privatproperty and invite yose up on the porch a
2:48 am
wiow. >> no, that is not -- i don go the city much. is this w it's done these days? >> well, i don't come t the untry mu, but i hearyo peleersupposedbe friely. >> oh, y want iendly? try knocki othe ornd introducg yourself. >> y are somethg. >> n ne. >> first oall,he's a littleortugueslove- >> >> wa, wait sat again. >> it'sot vira. it's meredith a. vie vs rgad>> love itt u'ren this lovidoy moe. what was ithat madyou citoo here? you'doneomseris vies >> i thi that was it there were some pretty intse
2:49 am
sothinaboumoreimpland like more fa-oente sethi swe? >> set sweet. what i lovabouthisovies it's e it's eye - a love ory,ut 's nus aut rom ve. 's lf-le, it's abo family love. all aspects of love aractually poraye ts moe.that's of thgs that real draws me .>> you played a rancforema d y w afraidf es. >> was sscar -- en i was , i t on a horse and it myself andleed. all my classas mking me from atomenon, iove horses fro afar. >>whatidou do? i was like y have t man it up. >> how about the accent? did you have to workn it? >> i tried a lite biou know. >> we ve yaccent.
2:50 am
>> l do it. >>ou're g toay somet us d it's goi to ben your aeredith's nati langge, portse. it's cled in love or iult. we're supped to guess which one it is. redith kind of has an edge on me. >> d't.i can't pronounce myame. >> this this is valentine's d, rit? i'm going to try to trick u guys. ready? both? don't cheat. >> i'mot cheating. you know me so well. in portuguese, okay? [ ng porgue >> insult. >>t s ant. what diu say? aid i love guys. >> one mor >> o more. >> all rht. [ eaking porese ] >> don't takmy walle >>t's love >> that's ve
2:51 am
th. [ laught [ laughter ] [ all speak at once ] go see "if love finds you," it'sut on valentine's day.>>e'rekith hoda's musi video, b rst, this i "today" onbc. you'radle. i thin shod' taken a leftt the river.tarzannow wherta g tarzanoes not know wheretarz g hey, eusme you know whe th waterfall is waterfall? , mearn, kingf jung. why don't yowant to justask somebody? ifoua coup, ghovirs. u do. if you se ftn rct more car insurance,
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does doesn't everyone love meredith? i love meredith. >> all kidding aside, i love being re. you're the best. and we always have a ll. thank yoso much and i'm so excited about this
2:55 am
for you rig now. it valentine dideo.yestntroduceyo great cos who had be gether 50 years. we creat this muc video. happvalentine'day. enjoy. >> happy valen's day. you you're inhe mood for love u're in e od to nce y're in theood foa little rance y youe in the mood r lo i s i see you pressed tho, i e you styledhat hr tre doesn'teem to be much oft ere
2:56 am
tonig have thchance to be your little roman ton tonight i have the chance, i'm in the mood for love i'm i'm all dressed up tonight, i' d all nit long wn ll they finally our song i'm in the od to danc i promise to love, honor and erish >>he joy of mye. have d hold. >> i do. i love you. >> i love justaving him ho. you know, everythingorked out. 61ea.
2:57 am
s me laughing. if it's the only chance i get if it's thenlyhance get ready to throw ur shoes away for will s swe sweep you off youreet swepwe u o your ft to be your lileomce on onig i have the chance to beour littleance tonht i have the chance, in the m in the mood for yo
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wee in the mood for lo > my m my mission is simple to make you y. i'm re to level e playing field for all vestors. there's always a bull mark somewhere. i omise toelyou find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm c hey, i cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job isn't just to entertain but to put it in perective and teach you. so call me at 0-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jcramer. these weeks have gotten to crazy evenor this veteran. i can handle aot ocrazy. what the heck is going on that we get such volatility and not be able to focus on earn ings during earn ings season? suffic to say the cross currents of the fed play h ike or not to hike, that's the question. oil trinfootg
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more banking crisis but over there, not here, all combining to mass what turned into a deevent herbgs season. let's accept the fact at we'llha tlien twh dial kpas y d when the mark calmsown whh es becsehis, too, shal pass we can figu o wt's eabaseon what they told us that'shat we have been doing with t critable ust, filing away good stori, lettinthem come wn to r levels wrehey are gis and not of theron horse variet while we wait for boxes b checked off to show us the landscape landape will at laste kinder heulls than the bears. with tt in minwhat'sn tap next wk? ter the remembrance of two dynami presidents, the guy on the one and the five, we get reports from hmefos. hoel, rmelthe company behipam


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